Alexander Andrievich

2002-2006 Russian Academy of theatre arts



2008 - Moscow Biennale of young art, group show, NCCA, Moscow

2011 - Solo exhibition, Griffin gallery, Izhevsk

2012 - International festival with Russian accent, group show, Nuremberg

2013 - Solo exhibition "Transit", VDNH, Moscow

2014 - Solo exhibition "Theatrical ingredients", Griffin gallery, Izhevsk

2014 - St Petersburg Biennale of Museum design, group show, Saint-Petersburg

2015 - "Grounding", group show, Ground Peschanaya gallery, Moscow

2015 - Solo exhibition "The science of ruin", International Kansk video festival, Kansk

2017 - "Black and white here", group show, Here gallery, Moscow

2018 - The Moscow urban forum, group show, Zaryadye, Moscow

2018 - Solo exhibition "Decor", International Kansk video festival, Kansk

2018 - Solo exhibition "Topography of terror", ARTPLAY, Moscow

2018 - "My Satka", group show, Art-objekt Ruin, Satka

2018 - Museum history of GULAG, photography for the permanent collection, Moscow

2019 - Solo exhibition "Unbleached", International Kansk video festival, Kansk



International Memorial, Museum history of GULAG, Afisha Mir,

International Kansk video festiva, GirlPower football school, October Magazine,

Theatre DOC, Immersion show "Returning", Scofferlane, Buromoscow.